Bridge was founded in 2004 G.C. as a partnership that made kitchen office and household furniture, doors, handrails, and many more from wood and metals. In 2010 G.C. Bridge grew to become a P.L.C., manufacturing wood, and metal products on a larger scale. Initially, Bridge employed 21 permanent and 3 contract employees. Currently, Bridge has more than 175 employees and an estimated total asset of 63,000,000 ETB. Bridge has always been outstanding in its line of work and has been awarded certificates and medals from the late P.M. Meles Zenawi, late Mayor of Addis Ababa Kuma Demeksa, and many more for its participation and achievements.

 Here in Bridge employees are top tier and well experienced in their line of work. Exceptionally we also employ fresh graduates which are top ranking in their class. We always strive to create happy employees and satisfied customers. Our quality products have always been recognized by buyers as superior products. 

Bridge has always been involved in charity work and donations to local organizations. This continuous activity has made us have an unbreakable and family-like bond with society.

Bridge has now currently advanced to large-scale production of aluminum takeaway boxes, aluminum foil, and stainless steel sinks. Currently, we are finalizing the launch of our new products which are stainless steel chairs and tables.

Bridge has always been known by its customers to be quality service and product providers in a timely fashion. Its customer database is composed of loyal and concrete buyers and users.