Welcome to Bridge

 Bridge was founded in 2004 G.C. as a partnership that made kitchen office and household furniture, doors, handrails, and many more from wood and metals. In 2010 G.C. Bridge grew to become a P.L.C., manufacturing wood, and metal products on a larger scale. Initially, Bridge employed 21 permanent and 3 contract employees. Currently, the bridge has more than 175 employees and an estimated total asset of 63,000,000 ETB.

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Why Choose Bridge?

Fast Delivery

We have a very reliable delivery time. We will delivery your enquiries in the time frame that works for you.

Environment Friendly

We produce our products in a very environmental friendly way.

Quality Product

We produce high quality products across the spectrum. Our customers are witness to that.


"Bridge has a variety of quality aluminum apparatus which comes in handy both in household and professional kitchens. Highly recommended!"
Chef Daniel

Come to our show room

Our products are sustainably available for purchase in our showroom during working hours.